500 Days After, The Internet Stop Growing?

In a period of 500 days, the Internet is expected to run out of Internet Protocol (IP) - a line of unique number that helps identify all internet networked devices throughout the world. 

IP addresses typically use a combination of four numbers from 0 to 255 to distinguish one computer to another computer. Currently, there are listed more than four billion combinations of numbers to IP addresses. 

But the rapid growth of Internet networking devices will create a combination of four numbers will no longer sufficient to create an IP addressThis is what will be a problem in the future. Thus the quoted statement from Big News Networks, Wednesday (19/05/2010). 

Researchers from the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre in Australia's Geoff Huston gave a description that is almost the same IP address with phone number, where we must enter the correct number to find the intended connection. As more and more phone users, required the addition of one digit number to a phone number.But not so with an IP address

"Unlike the telephone system, not easy simply by adding more digits to the IP address of a row of numbers," said Huston. 

The consequences of this problem, according to Huston, in the future there will be many people who can no longer see anything on the internet. It is estimated that this will occur within approximately 500 days longer. 

If that happens, then there would be no new device that can connect to the internet, which means the internet will stop growing.Fortunately, with IPv6 technology, 'Resurrection' internet it will not happen. 

IPv6 is a new numbering system that replaces the four-digit combination system currently used. For Internet users in general, a change from current systems to IPv6 will not be felt.

hopefully the internet will not end, because a lot of useful things that are on the internet. we can make friends, seek knowledge, and so forth. This blog is not going to live without the internet, the internet is very meaningful for our lives.I hope this article useful to you.if you do not mind, please retweet or distribute this article with friends or family. :)

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