10 Way Destroy the Internet

Internet seems very strong and can not be destroyed - but in theory, can be destroyed in some way that is quite unique, here they are :

1. Cut The Cables.

To break the internet the first thing to do is cut the undersea cables that connect every continent. This wiring is not difficult to destroy, earthquake, boat fishermen's nets, and shark bites have been known to cause this submarine cable break.

2.  Cyber War

Cyber world can be a battleground for countries that want to excel in the international arena. A country can exert forces hackers to disrupt communications, spread the virus and take over the internet. when the two superpowers of cyber warfare there will be no bloodshed, but there are only 404

3. Subvert DNS
Security researcher Dan Kaminsky accidentally discovered vulnerabilities last year in the Domain Name System (DNS) which have the potential to destroy the foundation of the Internet. Security weakness allows hackers to direct website users or block access.

4. Destroy Hardware
Damage the hardware to provide access to the internet. This will lead to any online communication systems down. One way to disable the electronic device is an electromagnetic signal (EMP) within a radius of 10km. It is not effective on a worldwide scale, but if ideas can be manipulated to global EMP might have occurred then.

5. Freedom of expression

Both the Internet and World Wide Web is a place of freedom of expression. But the state's right to freedom of expression filter.Countries such as China has adopted strict regulations in an effort to neutralize the attacks from the opposition. It's nicknamed "The Great Firewall of China". Although the Internet restrictions affect only a small part of the global community, he would at least destroy the idea of a network where it originated.

6. Botnets

A botnet is a name given to a collection of infected computers (or "zombies") that automatically distribute malicious software, viruses, spam and trojan in an attempt to infect other computers. Conficker virus originating from botnets are estimated to have destroyed nearly nine million computers worldwide. It has the potential to produce 10 billion spam per day.

7. Virus

Similar to the movie Terminator 3, the virus that can replicate itself and spread globally then become immune and indestructible megakhiri may not only Internet but also human life.

9. Hack The Server
Internet service provider (ISP) to connect customers to the world wide web. If they are down, many people will lose access online.

10. Disable

This means that if everyone turned off the connection to the internet the world wide web will lose visitors, not again play facebook or watching videos on youtube.

hha, I think it is the way that we may do to destroy the internet, although it is not possible for the people who rely on the internet. including me, the author of this blog:)