Alternative Tips Flashing Nokia N900

For those who are already familiar with Nokia phones, it would have no difficulty when making a flashing or reinstall. Download the Nokia software updater, and the problem was completed. Now, specifically for the N900 treatment is slightly different.

Perhaps one advantage of the Nokia N900 with its Maemo platform is the ability to upgrade firmware wirelessly, or commonly called Over The Air (OTA). In addition to faster, more secure this way as well when the user is doing in mobile.

For users who enjoy tinkering with gadgets, here is an alternative way that can be used to flash the N900But remember, these tips developed by a third party. Nokia itself does not recommend it.
Keep in mind, the worst risks of flashing is the total dead cell phone, if the process failed (broke up in the middle of the road). So, make sure the battery is fully mobile. If you have, prepare mentally and follow the steps that were taken from the following Maemofanatics blog.

Step 1:
Download the following link,, to get an application called Maemo Flasher 3.5.This application serves to flash our phones, depending on the OS that we use. Can WindowsMac or LinuxFlasher version so choose, according to the OS are used. When finished immediately install the application.

Step 2:
Access the following link, input the IMEI number is printed on N900 (can be seen in the settings> about the product).After that we will be given the option to download the latest firmware on the Nokia N900

Step 3:
Download the latest firmware choice of several existing firmware. We recommend that you select the firmware reads the Global releases, compared to experiencing a different keyboard layout problems in every country.

Step 4:
Connect the USB cable to connect Nokia N900 to a PC. Make sure the N900 is connected to the PC (for Windows can be viewed on devices and printers).

Step 5
:If you are connected, follow these steps. This is the most important part:
  1. Turn off the N900
  2. Hold down 'U'
  3. When the USB cable connected, N900 will send the signal in the upper right side, as a sign ready in a flash.
  4. Remove the 'U'

Step 6:
Open the Flasher Maemo 3.5The default is on Start > All Programs > Maemo > Maemo 5.3 Flasher

Step 7:
Remember the firmware downloads on the second step? Immediately move the results file downloads to the same folder with application Flasher Maemo 3.5.

Step 8:When image files have been moved to the same folder with Flasher Maemo 3.5, type the following command. This is an example when file downloads done, 'Flasher-3.5-F RX-51_2009SE_3.2010.02-8_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin-f-R "(important note: do not enter any commands, or Flasher will not work).

Step 9:If eight steps above done correctly, Maemo 5.3 Flasher will work.Within 3-5 minutes, the installation process will be completed. After that the phone will restart itself, and the Nokia N900 back to the initial setting. Only then disconnect the phone connection with a PC.

I hope this may useful for you all, if you like willingness to please retweet this, and share with your friends or family.

*Yes, You Can Do It!!

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