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This is the second part of the posting, titled [HOT] Could God is an Alien Hominid?, if you have not read the first part please read it first :)

 Rukma Vimana

Ancient War

In Japan there are some ancient records that describe a strange shape like a flying saucer

Japan Ancient UFO 1

Japan Ancient UFO 2

Attendance and speculation about the ancient aliens get experts from the ancient relics in the form of text and lots of relics in the form of sculpture or visual images on the wall-wall of the cave. At one of the italian cave in, there are ancient paintings for thousands of years old about two people who use the astronaut helmet, in united on the hill sego canyon in Utah, there are paintings on the walls in the form of strange creatures that have the antenna on his head and wearing helmet, the same as those found in Australia. If these wall paintings are pure bouquet of Homo erectus, from which they get inspiration or ideas such forms?

cave drawings in italia

Sego canyon cave paintings

Kimberly Australian cave paintings

Kimberly Australian cave paintings
In Guatemala, found a relic of ancient sculpture resembling today's astronauts, wearing a helmet, wear muzzles, and in the chest there is such a control panel, in Istanbul there is a museum of ancient relics of a statue of hundreds of years ago that looked like someone was sitting inside the vehicle cabin such a complete flight with the rocket and the wheel.

Guatemala Sculpture

 Istambul Museum

But the most significant illustrations to support the theory of the existence of an ancient alien found in Mexico, the Mayan pyramid relics located in Palenque, inside there is a work of stunning, misconstrued one stone contained therein, the nation's virtual sculpting a person who sat in a kind of control room capsule, was operating the thing, right hand and left hand seemed to be playing something, stepped on his left leg seemed like such a pedal, and behind the capsule looks like a jet engine flames, the man who was inside the cabin is king Pacal regarded as a god and is a giant monster with a height of about 7 ft. In Palenque pyramid carvings there are other similar (about a person who operates something), the question is, where did they get that kind of fantasy? or formerly was never any objects with such modern technology?

Lord Pacal ride his starship

how could the pyramid of Giza, Palenque, the pyramid in India, the buildings in Indonesia (Borobudur) separated the oceans and continents have resemblance of the structure and how to build?, whether this indicates that the architect is the same? there are even in central Mexico in 2000-year-old pyramid which has exactly the same base size Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the pyramid is named Teotihuacan (City of God), is it a coincidence? or is it designed based on the inspiration of the same designer? or whether a particular culture to all corners of the Earth to travel and build these buildings?


Similar size with giza

According to legend, the Teotihuacan pyramid built by the gods to end the destruction of giant size of the Earth, civilization such as the Aztec, Maya, ancient India, Northern Arizona believe that the world has been destroyed as many as four times in the past, one by the Ice, one by fire, one by the water , and one by the earthquake, and the pyramid of Teotihuacan is one of those times.For what it is built, for what purpose? One reason is the reason arises from construction of the Giza pyramid, according to the relics of ancient Egypt, the pyramid construction purposes in addition to the tombs of the kings is as a source of knowledge, found in the pyramid more than 300 books containing the universe of science which, according to the Egyptian nation came and dictated by guidance from the sky..

that's some strange inventions in this world, and we do not know how that happened, only God knows how it is created, and it is a great mystery unsolved until now. I hope this post is useful to you all, sorry for my bad english, I will try to learn to improve my English so much better. Bye

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