5 Typical Indonesian Unique Ceremony

Indonesia is a country with rich culture very much, these are some of the unique cultures that exist in Indonesia

1.Ritual Tiwah
Central Kalimantan 

Tiwah ritual is a procession of relatives delivers ancestral spirits who have passed away into the afterlife by way of cleansing and moving the remains from the grave to a place called stumbled.Ritual tiwah Karen made a tourist attraction unique and peculiar many foreign tourists are interested in this ceremony is only done by the citizens of Central Kalimantan Dayak.

 Banyuwangi, Central Java

kebo-keboan is a ceremonial procession which is held every year by residents Alasmalang. This ceremony was originally performed to invoke rain during drought, with rainfall means that farmers can grow crops soon.The climax is a procession plowing and planting rice seedlings in paddy fields. People who act like a buffalo had been able to trance and pursue anyone who tries to take the rice seedlings are planted. Alasmalang residents tried to snatch the rice seedlings, as is believed to be used as a trade-off or to gain custody.

3.Adu Kerbau (Mapasilaga Tedong)

ADU Kerbau interspersed with cuts of buffalo-style procession of Toraja, Ma'tinggoro tedong, namely buffalo with a machete and slashed with just one cut down. in the afternoon, the party fights very crowded because the buffalo is a buffalo pitted males who already have experience of fighting dozens of times.Before pitted, conducted parade buffalo. There kebo bule or albino, some have black spots on his back called salepo and black on the back (Lontong Boke). Type the last price is the most expensive, can be above Rp 100 million. There is also a male buffalo that has been castrated, allegedly tastes more savory meat.

4.Rambu Solo

Rambu Solo is a party or ceremony grief / death. Customs which have been inherited by the Toraja people were hereditary. For families who abandoned the party shall make a final bow as a sign of the elders who have gone.After passing a series of events, the elders in the stretcher using Tongkonan (a kind of typical Toraja traditional house) to the tomb in the cliffs in the cave. Grave cemetery name is Londa.What was unique ceremony solo signs is the creation of a wooden puppet who made very similar to the one person who died and placed on the cliffs. Interestingly, the doll's face were increasingly similar to those who died.


Ngaben is burning or cremation ceremony of sacred Hindu temple.In Ngaben procession, when the fire starts up, the flames gradually be enlarged and began to flare lit figure of the corpse. Over time the blaze started to burn his body is believed to be releasing all worldly ties of the dead man. If the bond despite the secular, the more it opens the opportunity to see the truth and sanctity of the Divine in the natural immortality there.A few days before the ceremony Ngaben carried out, the family of the deceased assisted by the community to make "Bade and Lembu" a very stately wooden, colored paper and other materials."Bade and Lembu" This is where the body which later burned.

Mmmm, I think this is enough, in fact there are many cultures that exist in Indonesia, but now it promptly at 2 am in my house and time for me to sleep. maybe on the other time I will write about other interesting cultures in Indonesia, my beloved country.bye.

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