[HOT] Could God is an Alien Hominid? [Part 1]

Because it is too long, so I'll split into 2 parts.
this is the first part :

Experts have concluded that the Nazca Lines made for something over there, because can not see the symbols of the earth. But the most recent is speculation that the NASCA lines is a kind of cornerstone of the aircraft, because it has many miles long and believe it or not, this is very straight. In fact there are lines on a hill that seemed like a hard road to be made with crude equipment, because it was able to make its way over the hill with a very flat surface. Very different when compared with hills are nearby (the cone has a peak).

Nazca airport 1

Nazca airport 1

so that it appears the opinion that:When World War II American army to build an air base on an island in the Pacific for American fighter planes, at that time the population on the island is still very primitive, they are not familiar with such technology, they know there are objects flying down from heaven to earth and givetheir food and goods for free.

American airport


After the war ended and soldiers and planes left the island, then local residents create a derivative aircraft from straw with a very large size in hopes of "god" who had come in they will come again.

The analogy above is sufficient to be a theory of why the lines were created.One more fact that here in the desert where the Nazca Lines is that the region today is the largest source of minerals such as gold, uranium and many other minerals on earth,The question that remains a mystery is, who they regard as a god? whom they expect to come back?, whether anything had a chance to live with them, or whether they descend from the sky, or the Nazca line created as a kind of ritual celebrations .. no one knows.

Ancient Indian Manuscripts

In ancient Indian texts 5000 years old, there is a wonderful description of the flying machine, at that time they knew the object named Rukma Vimana described was made of metal, what size and how it works. Even in the manuscript was told how the battle with flying machines that destroy the entire city.

will be continued to part 2, 

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