Capital Market Participants

Capital Market Participants
1. Government Agencies Related to Stock Exchange
a. Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)
Issuing permits Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Domestic Investment (Domestic). The agency will determine the composition and amount of investment funds, the amount of authorized capital, the deadline to inject capital and shareholder composition.
b. Technical Department
Dealing with the changes that operate in Indonesia which can be classified into three groups:
1) PMA Group
2) Domestic Investment Group
3) Bro Group (Bedriifs Reglementering Ordonatie)
c. Department of Justice
2. Related Private Institutions
a. Public Accountants
The role of public accountants is to examine the financial reports and give an opinion on these financial statements.
b. Notary
Notary services required in the event:
· Making pickles news GMS GMS and preparing decisions
· Examining the validity of matters relating to the implementation of the GMS
· Validity of the shareholders or their proxies attending the AGM in
· Maintain compliance with the provisions of quorum required by the statute
· Examining changes in the basic budget
c. Legal Consultation
d. Appraiser (Appraisal)
Providing services in determining the fair value of corporate assets
e. Securities Consultant (Investment Advisor)
3. Capital Market Participants
a. Issuer
b. Investor
c. Underwriter
d. Guarantor
e. Trustee
f. Broker / Broker
g. Securities Company
h. Investment Company
i. BAE

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