Share Fascination

1. What is the appeal of stocks?
There are two advantages gained by investing in the stock investors, through dividends and capital gains. Dividend is an advantage provided by the issuer of corporate profits generated.Dividends are usually distributed after the existing shareholders agreement and are usually one year.While capital gains are the difference between purchase price and selling price. For example, say you bought shares of company A at a price per share of Rp 1400 and sold at a price of Rp 2,000 per share, meaning you get a capital gains amounting to Rp 600 per share. Short-term investors generally expect this advantage.

2. How is that investors are entitled to a dividend?So that investors are entitled to a dividend, shareholders must hold their shares for a certain period until the ownership is recognized as a shareholder and entitled to a dividend.Dividends may be provided by the Company of cash dividends, which shareholders receive cash in accordance with the number of shares held and stock dividend whereby shareholders receive additional shares. Bank Private, Non-Bank Financial Institutions (Insurance and Pension Fund) and other companies that have excess funds

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